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Spooky Shadows, Socrates, and the Science of Reading: Part 2


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American Schools Are Failing Students with Dyslexia: What Can We Do about It?


WEBINAR | November 14

Purposeful Play and Playful Learning

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Hosted by Pam Austin, these discussions will feature dialogues with experienced educators, inspiring thought leaders, social media influencers, and leading education innovators.

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Our ongoing series of webinars hosted by authors, education professionals, and math and literacy experts about topics of interest to the education industry.

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Improving Reading Outcomes Through Goal Setting and Progress Monitoring
Thursday, December 5 | 2:00 p.m. (CT)

A student who begins the year at the cut point and does not make progress is unlikely to achieve subsequent grade level outcomes without additional support. With that in mind, every educator may want to attend this useful and timely presentation by author of Acadience Reading (DIBELS Next). Dr. Good will outline and explore strategies and resources to help educators improve reading outcomes using efficient monitoring and reasonable goal setting.

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Purposeful Play and Playful Learning

Play has long been considered an important contributor to children’s learning and development. How does your understanding of play match up with cognitive research and how play contributes to children’s learning?

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