The Support Services Team is Committed to Serving Educators to Achieve Results

Districts make an investment in our programs. Working together, we can ensure that investment yields rewards. Throughout the course of implementation, sessions will address key questions and topics.

  • Examine successes and identify solutions to overcome barriers
  • Review progress toward instructional goals
  • Target support for schools
  • Build instructional capacity

Consultative Support

Typically 1-day increments or webinar sessions throughout the year

Voyager Sopris has a large network of field implementation specialists. These specialists are highly trained to examine a situation and offer expert advice, whether it’s about research and pedagogy, instructional effectiveness, or data analysis.

Questions to Think ​About for the Ongoing Phase

  1. Is data available for every school?
  2. Are some schools progressing less than expected?
  3. How are students progressing? Are there some classrooms that are progressing less than others?
  4. Which teachers need extra support to implement the program as designed?
  5. What additional coaching and training is needed to accelerate teachers to expert levels of instruction?
  6. Are you on track to meet your state and Common Core goals?

Common Ongoing Support Options—Completely Custom!

The menu below is not an exhaustive list, but captures the most common types of implementation support utilized. Ongoing support may be selected from the menu below, or you may customize the support to match your specific needs.

Classroom Visits

Student Grouping

Support of rigorous standards integration including CCSS and state standards

Support of maximizing the use of VPORT

Customization of ongoing PD and materials

Side-by-side coaching

Small-group instruction

Virtual support, such as conference calls and webinars

Implementation planning

Articulation meetings with administrators/leaders

Lesson modeling

Assistance with assessing students

Instructional decision making

Lesson planning and instructional delivery

Curriculum review

Data entry and analysis

Goal setting and action plans

Support with differentiation