Connect with researchers, authors, and experts to explore hot topics and strategies to build the best lessons and learning environments for your classroom, school, or district. These webinars directly connect educators to cutting-edge research and cover the following topics: high school, early childhood education, assessment, meeting rigorous standards, English language learners, and professional development.

High School

When Older Kids Can't Read

WEBINAR (70 minutes): When Older Kids Can’t Read: What Does the Newest Research Say?—Louisa Moats, Ph.D.

Teacher Teacher Don't Go Away

WEBINAR (55 minutes): Teacher, Teacher, Don’t Go Away—Louisa Moats, Ph.D.

Early Childhood Education

I've Got Rhythm

WEBINAR (72 minutes): I’ve Got Rhythm, I’ve Got Music: The Role of Rhythm in Phonological Processing Development—Lucy Hart Paulson, Ed.D., CCC-SLP

What Does a Scribble Say?

WEBINAR (55 minutes): What Does a Scribble Say? Writing Assessment and Instruction for Young Children—Lucy Hart Paulson, Ed.D., CCC-SLP

Questioning with Young Children

WEBINAR (55 minutes): A Look at the Many Layers of Questioning with Young Children—Lucy Hart Paulson, Ed.D., CCC-SLP

Teaching the ABCs

WEBINAR (58 minutes): Teaching the ABCs: Strategies Beyond the Letter of Week—Lucy Hart Paulson, Ed.D., CCC-SLP


Assessment and Instructional Data

WEBINAR (58 minutes): Using Assessment and Instructional Trend Data to Define Your Next Move—Melody Ilk, M.A.

Meeting Rigorous Standards

CSS Habits of Mind

WEBINAR (49 minutes): CCSS Habits of Mind Across Tiers—Joanne Allain, M.A.

RtI MTSS and Common Core

WEBINAR (60 minutes): RtI/MTSS and the Common Core: From What to Why Across the Tiers—Joanne Allain, M.A

CCSS Reading Foundational Skills

WEBINAR (45 minutes): CCSS Reading Foundational Skills: What’s There and What’s Missing?—Linda Farrell, MBA

English Language Learners

Vocabulary Instruction for ELLs

WEBINAR (57 minutes): Words, Words, Words: Vocabulary Instruction for English Language LearnersMaría Elena Argüelles, Ph.D.

English Learner Instruction

WEBINAR (73 minutes): Best Practices in English Learner Instruction: The LETRS Gold Standard—Antonio Fierro

Professional Development

Power of LETRS Professional Dev

WEBINAR (46 minutes): The Power of LETRS Professional Development for Classroom Teachers, Coaches, and PrincipalsMelody Ilk, M.A.

Maximize Instructional Time

WEBINAR (52 minutes): Utilizing Schools' Structures to Maximize Instructional Time and Increase Student AchievementPati Montgomery, Ed.S.

WEBINAR (77 minutes): The Challenging Work of Teaching Literacy: A Primer on LeadershipLouisa Moats, Ed.D.