LETRS® provides educators with a core understanding of language structure and helps them gain in-depth instructional information to complement their teaching practice. This research-based professional development program uses books/eBooks and online or in-person training to deepen educators' knowledge of reading instruction. Content addresses each component in-depth—phoneme awareness; phonics, decoding, spelling, and word study; oral language development; vocabulary; reading fluency; comprehension; and writing—filling in gaps educators might have had in their undergraduate or graduate studies.

The LETRS course of study:

  • Builds a bridge between research and practice
  • Cultivates knowledge about teaching literacy and language
  • Develops teachers' ability to diagnose and overcome students' reading challenges
  • Provides practical strategies that work for every type of learner
  • Increases effectiveness of core reading and supplementary instruction
  • Engages teachers with real-world applications and thought-provoking questions
LETRS Materials

The LETRS  Difference

The goal of LETRS is to build educator knowledge in areas that will enhance the effectiveness of any instruction. LETRS is not based on any specific curriculum; it is based on research that has been proven effective in the classroom. LETRS supports teachers in examining student performance and diagnosing the root causes of literacy struggles. The example here shows how a teacher can identify and diagnose specific areas of struggle, which supports designing an appropriate intervention.

My initial reaction to it was, ‘Why didn’t I learn this in college?’