Professional Development Resources and Services

Voyager Sopris Learning is the proven leader in providing research-based professional development for teachers and education leaders in these four areas:


LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling)

Deepens educator knowledge about how students learn to read, write, and spell.


A Principal’s Primer for Raising Reading Achievement

Provides a “how-to” guide for principals to improve literacy in their schools.



Builds conceptual understanding for teachers of mathematics in grades K–8.

School Climate

Best Behavior

Empowers school leaders to build a sustainable system of positive behavior supports.

Increasing Educator Effectiveness and Student Achievement

Voyager Sopris Learning's professional development team partners with schools, districts, and states to design the best plan to meet identified needs and goals. Professional development sessions are provided either privately at the school or district site on a contract basis or through our open-tuition events on a per-person registration basis. Our team of experts will work with you to identify the best option to meet your needs.Make it Happen

Supporting and mentoring educators is critical in sustaining the knowledge gained through the professional development sessions. Voyager Sopris Learning provides ongoing coaching on-site to provide this support, making direct connections between research and classroom instruction. We also offer online follow-up sessions and courses.

Professional Development Services

Voyager Sopris Learning professional development, coaching, and mentoring services are customized and differentiated to meet the diverse needs of teachers and administrators. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Data analysis to guide classroom instruction
  • Standards-based instruction for student achievement
  • Effective, integrated literacy instruction
  • Mathematics instruction in concepts and problem solving
  • Campus leadership development
  • Climate and culture—tiered positive interventions

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Voyager Sopris Learning eBooks

Voyager Sopris Learning eLibrary™ 

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The Voyager Sopris Learning eLibrary™ is a cloud-based application that provides one location for accessing, managing, and distributing professional development and instructional eBooks through your own personal bookshelf.

Our fully searchable eBooks provide online and offline access to book content and a rich array of resources. Read online using your tablet or computer, or download your book to your mobile device to access when an Internet connection is not available.