Individualized learning that supports teachers and advances student achievement

Velocity is the next generation of adaptive learning technology. It is the only solution that optimizes learning for K-5 student success in English language arts. It optimizes the way teachers teach, the way students learn and the way education is experienced. Teacher instruction and student learning are enhanced by the technology in Velocity.

Velocity constantly analyzes everything and then adapts content to bring it to life for each student.

Individualized Learning


  • Custom tailors lessons to students in real-time delivering appropriate content on the spot
  • Readjusts organically to support a student wherever he or she needs assistance
  • Constantly monitors student understanding of countless subtle learning concepts
  • Student knowledge and skills steadily increase with engagement increasing exponentially


  • Functions as an extension of the teacher’s presence in the classroom
  • Authentically emulates the type of 1:1 teacher-student interaction important for learning
  • Makes the most of precious time that teachers do have with their students
  • Allows teachers to meaningfully engage with THREE TIMES as many students
Extension of Teacher Instruction

Advanced Adaptive Learning Research Applied to K-5 Learning

Velocity is intended to help kids get on grade level no matter where their starting point may be. So, that means that some kids may need up to six times more content than others, and not just any content but highly curated content that is specific in the way their pacing requires—or the way they build knowledge requires.”

—Zoran Popović, Founder & Chief Scientist, Enlearn, Seattle, WA


Enhancing teacher instruction not replacing it

The whole approach with Velocity is to make a teacher’s time with students more effective and efficient.

“The teacher is the biggest single determinant of student learning, and our question was: How do we enhance that?”

—John Mullin, Chief Executive Officer Enlearn, Seattle, WA

How advanced computer science research led to the development of Velocity

We began looking outside of education to find the best advancements in computer science and then explored how to apply those advancements to K-5 learning.