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Take a Closer Look at VmathLive

VmathLive® empowers students to master math content at their own pace in a motivating online environment. The learning is structured so that students work sequentially through the lessons and can earn badges, trophies, and points. New to VmathLive: 20 games that focus on CCSS for mental math!

The VmathLive Student Experience

In VmathLive, students work sequentially through a series of modules that follow a structured learning path and represent a year’s worth of math instruction. Each module is composed of a series of activities, followed by a problem-solving activity and a module test. Students are encouraged to stay on track with messaging, badges, trophies, points, and other creative engagement strategies. There are three main components:


  • Respond to questions specific to 334 math topics
  • Access three levels of support: hints, virtual tutor, and pre-skill activities
  • Earn tokens for completing activities
  • About 60% of a student's time is spent in the "Learn" component


Math games and math competition

  • Play in real-time competitions with students from across the country
  • Compete in 20 games of math fact fluency and mental math skills
  • Games built to support CCSS
  • Develop their personal origami avatars
  • About 40% of students time is spent in the "Play" component


math assessment math rewards

  • Students master activities by completing 8, 9, or 10 correct answers in a row
  • After mastering all activities in a module, students must pass a Module Test to Advance
  • When they finish the module, students receive a new avatar, bonus points, and a certificate

The Intelligent Teacher Dashboard

The VmathLive Teacher Dashboard provides a quick and intuitive overview of how the class is performing. Teachers can also see more in-depth information on individual student performance. The dashboard includes:

• Key Indicators: an overall look at class progress, including number of logins, average daily time spent in VmathLive, and overall percentage growth in the program
• Kudos: major milestones completed, number of students that have reached the online goal, completed modules, and trophies earned
• Alerts: teacher notifications for students who are struggling or if usage has decreased significantly or stopped altogether

VmathLive Teacher Dashboard