VmathLive Online Math


Grades: K-8

Math Unfolded. Purposeful Practice, Meaningful Math - Anytime, Anywhere.

VmathLive® empowers students to master math content at their own pace in a motivating online environment. The learning is structured so that students work sequentially through the lessons and can earn badges, trophies, and points. New to VmathLive: 20 games that focus on CCSS for mental math!

VmathLive’s new learning pedagogy offers scaffolded help with problem-specific step-by-step hints and onscreen tutoring focused on visual representations of math concepts with both English and Spanish audio. The learning path is structured so that students work sequentially through a year’s worth of math, and they are encouraged to stay on track with messaging, badges, trophies, points, and other engagement strategies. VmathLive’s new Play component for 20 different games that focus on mental math skills found in the Common Core State Standards. When VmathLive is used as a stand-alone supplemental program, the activities are aligned with lessons of popular core print programs, Common Core State Standards, and other state standards.