eSolution: Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension

Authors: Gail Adams, Susan Van Zant
Grades: 3-12

eSolution combines fluency practice with vocabulary and comprehension strategies to create powerful instruction in the foundational skills essential for successful reading development.This supplemental resource is a blend of print materials and digital components and updates and extends the Six-Minute Solution fluency paired reading to include complete vocabulary expansion and comprehension lessons. With 150 informational texts at each level, eSolution:

  • Teaches students to read deeply, not just quickly
  • Focuses on domain-specific text and vocabulary to improve content-area achievement
  • Provides essential vocabulary and comprehension strategies that students can use with any text
  • Empowers students to read text at increasing levels of text complexity
  • Provides questions that reflect state test items
  • Supports the Common Core Standards Reading Informational Text
My students look forward to going to the lab each week to work on the eSolution quizzes for their passages. They know that doing the fluency timings in class is helping their overall comprehension and reading fluency, and their knowledge will show in the comprehension and vocabulary questions they answer on the computer. They get super jazzed when they see how they’ve done and can move on to the language games! Fourth Grade Teacher
  Del Sur Elementary
  Poway Unified School District
  San Diego, California

Watch this 5 minute video to see the features and benefits of eSolution.

Experience the Independent Online Student Component of eSolution

eSolution Blended Model

eSolution Blended Model

A blend of online and face-to-face instruction.
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Blended Solutions for Teaching Literacy with Greater Student Comprehension presented by National Educational Consultant Toni Backstrom
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eSolution: Fluency—Increases Reading Fluency in Just Six Minutes per Day

With high-quality, leveled oral reading passages, eSolution Fluency takes six minutes per day to increase students reading fluency in terms of speed, accuracy, and reading with expression. The motivating formats pairs students together to practice and score repeated readings of informational text. Reading fluency assessments are included for accurate pairing and placement.

eSolution: Vocabulary and Comprehension—Goes Beyond Fluency to Deep, Close Reading

By engaging students with content-rich informational text, eSolution improves students’ ability to apply vocabulary and comprehension strategies to content-area texts—ensuring students don’t just read quickly, but also read for meaning. With a motivating digital approach, students read a passage online and respond to vocabulary and comprehension questions online. The content and format of the questions are based on the requirements in the Common Core State Standards and have been built around specific requirements on state tests—this prepares students to perform will on rigorous reading assessments.

eSolution—Provides Formative Reading Assessment Data to Guide Instruction

Once students respond to vocabulary and comprehension questions, their responses are immediately uploaded into a data-management system. This system provides data to inform and guide teacher instruction. The reports go beyond providing a percent correct to pinpointing specific types of questions where students are struggling. These include:

  • Cloze
  • Multiple choice
  • True/false
  • Author’s purpose
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Multiple meanings
  • Context clues
  • Author's Viewpoint
  • Compare adn contrast
  • Cause and effect
  • Determining details
  • Fact/opinion
  • Making generalizations
  • Main idea of paragraph
  • Main Topic of a passage
  • Making judgments
  • Sequence of events

This type of information guides teachers and indicates where additional instructional focus may be needed. Once teachers know the types of reading comprehension strategies that students struggle with, guidance in the Teacher’s Edition provides instructional support for brief mini-lessons to improve reading comprehension and enhance the core language arts curriculum.