Who Cares About Kelsey

Author: Dan Habib
Grades: K-12

Who Cares About Kelsey? is a new film from Dan Habib documenting the lives of students with emotional/behavioral challenges. The documentary shows innovative educational approaches that help these students succeed—while improving the overall school culture and climate.

The film’s primary subject, Kelsey Carroll, has dealt with tremendous challenges throughout her life, including homelessness and ADHD. She considered dropping out of high school and was a likely candidate for the juvenile justice system. However, through intensive self-directed planning and positive behavioral supports, she graduated in June 2010 with the hope of working toward a career in law enforcement or the emergency medical field.

In addition to the feature-length documentary, the education kit contains nine short documentaries that illustrate a wide range of educational issues and evidence-based practices in ethnically diverse communities.

The goals of the film are to:

  • Explore innovative educational approaches to discipline, dropout prevention, and improved school climate
  • Foster a broader dialogue about the benefits and challenges of fully including all students in our schools and communities
  • Strengthen the capacity among educators, students, youth-serving organizations, and communities to successfully include and educate students with complex behavioral challenges

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