Vmath Third Edition - Accelerate Math Growth

Access All Technology Components from the New Student and Teacher Centers


The Teacher and Student Centers provide single-sign on access to all the tools needed for instruction. Access to student apps—eBook digital curriculum, VmathLive, and Gizmos—provides the differentiation and individualized instruction needed to meet specific needs and close the gap. Teachers have access to the eBooks, data tools, VmathLive, and Gizmos.

VmathLive: Purposeful Online Math Practice

VmathLive® empowers students to master math content at their own pace in a motivating online environment. The learning is structured so that students work sequentially with the Vmath Third Edition lessons. VmathLive lessons are linked at point of use in the student and teacher eBooks. Students earn badges, trophies, and points. Learn more about VmathLive

: Interactive Online Math Simulations

ExploreLearning  Gizmos interactive instructional simulations are research-proven, fun strategies that help students visualize and understand important concepts.
  • Teachers can supplement and enhance instruction with powerful interactive visualizations of mathematics concepts
  • Students can use Gizmos to manipulate key variables, generate and test hypotheses, and engage in extensive “what-if” experimentations.