Vmath Third Edition - Accelerate Math Growth

Research and Results

Vmath  Third Edition Students Close the Achievement Gap and Make Significant Quantile Gains

Alamance-Burlington Schools See Success with Vmath

Alamance-Burlington Schools achieve significant growth after their first year of piloting the Vmath program, seeing an average quantile gain of 318Q (1.5 to 2.5 times the typical growth).

Systemwide Results for 2014-15 School Year,
Grades 2-8 (VIEW REPORT)

Quantile Gains by Grade Level

During the 2014–2015 school year, 16,351 students were rostered in Vmath Third Edition. These students were from 110 districts across 30 states in 308 schools. Figure 1 shows the results for the students with matched scores* for the whole group and for each grade level. The BOY Progress Assessment (PA) average Quantile and EOY PA average Quantile are shown for each group. 

Vmath 3rd Edition Data 2014-15

A History of Research Supports Vmath Third Edition

Vmath Third Edition stems from a strong research foundation as well as the strong instructional approach of previous editions of Vmath, which have been validated in schools across the country. The three snapshots here show evidence of effectiveness for Vmath Second Edition. Download Vmath Second Edition Results Snapshot


"Vmath was easy to implement for our pullout program. The materials were self-contained and ready to go. I loved the pre and posttests because they enabled me to see what the children knew or didn't know. I look forward to next year when I'll have the program a whole year instead of one semester."

Bernice Friesenhahn, Compensatory Education Teacher Olympia Elementary School