TransMath Third Edition

Redesigned to Integrate the Concepts and Skills of Today's Standards

Each TransMath lesson is delivered in dual concepts:  topic one provides a conceptual skill; topic two provides a problem solving skill, which allows the foundational skills of mathematics to be taught while also using problem solving activities to push students toward grade level content.

Often, these two topics are not related to avoid the cognitive overload and provide students greater opportunities for success.

Incorporates Key Recommendations for Improving Mathematics
Problem Solving:

  • Prepare problems and use them in whole-class instruction
  • Assist students in monitoring and reflecting on the problem-solving process
  • Teach students how to use visual presentations
  • Expose students to multiple problem-solving strategies
  • Help students recognize and articulate mathematical concepts and notation 

Here are 5 simple strategies from TransMath Third Edition to help you identify those students who need extra assistance or a different instructional approach as they prepare for algebra, along with suggestions for keeping them motivated along the way.

Who is TransMath For?

TransMath benefits students who require immediate support:

  • Students lacking foundational skills necessary for successful entry into algebra
  • Students scoring two or more years below grade level on state standardized tests