TransMath Third Edition

TransMath Moves Students Toward Algebra Readiness

The Measure: Progress Assessment of Quantile Growth

The Progress Assessment yields a Quantile® (Q) score based on the Quantile Framework for Mathematics from MetaMetrics®. Used to indicate students’ optimal learning range and monitor progress toward grade-level goals, the Quantile scores indicate what math content students are ready to learn and what they already understand.

Quantile Growth

Overall Quantile Gain for All Students, Students with Disabilities (SWD), and English Language Learners (ELL)
2013–14 and 2014–15


Students Improve Standard Score by Nearly Four Points in Georgia School District


KeyMath3 results for students with special needs with TransMath instruction over two school years: Fall 2008 to Spring 2010.

On average, TransMath students who had scored nearly two standard deviations below the national average at pretest were able to improve their standard score by nearly four points or nearly one-third of a standard deviation; that is, the TransMath group brought its performance closer to the national average.

Two-Year Gain on the State Assessment for Lee County Public Schools, Florida


Intervention programs targeting students struggling in math often take more than one year of implementation to effect positive change, which makes the results in Year 2 of particular interest. In Year 1 of the TransMath implementation, the TransMath students showed no significant gains in FCAT developmental scale score. In Year 2, by contrast, the TransMath students made statistically significant growth, gaining, on average, 158 DSS points.

Higher Academic Outcomes for TransMath Students in Two Bemerton, Washington, Schools