Inside Algebra

Inside Algebra

Author: Larry Bradsby
Grades: 8-12

Strategic Intervention to Build and Strengthen Algebra Skills for Struggling Students

Inside Algebra delivers explicit, conceptually-based instruction to ensure all students can master algebraic skills through an objective-based approach. The program engages students at risk through a multisensory approach using hands-on and manipulative-based activities, ExploreLearning Gizmos® for interactive activities, and pictorial representations to help students visualize concepts. It is a perfect complement to any core basal algebra program. A data-management system will help you track student progress and adjust instruction.

Student Approval

Inside Algebra is aimed at closing the achievement gap by making math accessible and understandable to all students. The program focuses on mastery of objectives rather than a traditional classroom lesson approach. Its flexible design allows you to deliver differentiated instruction through data monitoring and student progress reports.

Meet the Author

Lead author, Larry Bradsby, along with a team of researchers, authors, and educator experts in algebra, developed the program through identifying the main causes of students' confusion in learning algebra and the "how-tos" for more conceptual understanding.  A significant amount of data has been collected to demonstrate how students best learn algebra. This data validates the instructional strategies in Inside Algebra. Each of the 60 objectives and 500 activities are grounded in scientific research and aligned to the NCTM standards.