We Can Early Learning Curriculum

We Can prepares all children for success in kindergarten and beyond

Numeracy. Literacy. Learning. Growth.

The We Can Early Learning Curriculum is organized into biweekly or monthly thematic units presented in six Teacher’s Editions. Each Teacher’s Edition contains lesson plans for two months of instruction and guided practice using whole-class and small-group activities.

Content: Daily Activities in All Domains


  • Oral Language
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Literature


  • Pre-Number Concepts (sorting, patterns, more/less, comparing)
  • Numbers
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data Concepts

Social and Emotional Learning
Social Studies
Fine Arts
Physical Development

Meet Each Student's Needs - Differentiation in Every Lesson

We Can provides lesson-specific differentiation strategies and modifications for English language learners, younger or older preschoolers who need more instruction appropriate to age, and children with special needs.

To support students whose first language is Spanish, several We Can components include both Spanish and English instruction.

As an option for multilingual instruction, American Sign Language is integrated throughout the We Can lessons.

Instructional Design

We Can units are designed for consistency and to maximize learning. Every unit is interactive and follows a consistent routine that maintains student attention, supports classroom management, and ensures all domains are being addressed.

Easy-to-Implement Instructional Model with Supports

We Can was developed for and by teachers and was extensively field-tested to ensure that the materials were not only effective in terms of student learning, but also easy for teachers to implement.
Planning and instructional tools include supports at the unit, weekly, and daily levels.

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Weekly Planner
Lesson Opener

Embedded Assessment for Accurate Progress Monitoring

We Can integrates assessment with instruction, allowing teachers multiple opportunities to observe children, identify their capabilities and needs, and monitor their progress.

Benchmark Assessment

This comprehensive evaluation provides a window into children’s overall skill levels at the beginning, middle and end of year. Benchmark contents include all domains covered in the curriculum for a comprehensive look at student skills.

Ongoing Assessment

Ongoing assessment measures students’ growth and mastery of content—providing teachers the information needed to make immediate instructional adjustments to meet individual student needs. Teachers use observational data, unit checklists, work samples, and portfolios to report on student progress.

Data Management

Voyager Learning’s unique online data-management system provides teachers with access to materials needed for conducting assessments and report data from the Unit Checklists and Benchmark Assessments.