We Can Early Learning Curriculum

We Can Results

Learn how children from Granite School District excelled while using the We Can program.

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Study Summary:

In partnership with Granite School District, Voices of Utah’s Children conducted a longitudinal study of four-year-old students in 11 schools most impacted by poverty in Granite School District.


Granite School District’s Title I preschool program, which used the We Can Early Childhood Curriculum in the 2006-07.


The study tracked referrals to special education through the third grade of children who tested as potentially eligible for special education services upon entering preschool.


Of the 737 at-risk students in the study, only seven were referred for special education services. The achievement gap for went from 22 to 5 percentage points in language arts and 28 to 2 percentage points in math.

Granite School District Prepares Every Child for Lifelong Learning

The Granite School District case study demonstrates the lasting impact of a quality preschool program. As demonstrated by longitudinal study data, a quality preschool program, such as We Can, significantly reduces number of referrals to special education year after year.[1]  The poverty gap in was virtually erased by quality preschool instruction delivered by well-prepared teachers.

Results Chart


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