We Can Early Learning Curriculum

We Can Correlations

Building foundational skills for kindergarten reading, We Can helps children demonstrate understanding of:

  • Organization and basic features of print
  • Spoken words, syllables and sounds (phonemes)
  • Grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words
  • Emergent-level texts


CCSS Tracks

Implementing CCSS by Differentiating Instruction by Vicki Gibson, Ph.D.. View presentation handout.

Key Concepts
in the CCSS

How We Can addresses
the Key Concepts

Securing foundational skills

Daily reading to children, including phonics, word analysis/decoding, and fluency

Closely reading informational text

Asking and answering  questions about key details, distinguish point of view, and cite textual evidence

Closely reading literature

Asking and answering questions to demonstrate understanding—citing textual evidence to support analysis

Teaches technology and digital media

Providing The Learning Zoo—a web-based technology program that engages students in games and fun practice activities

Integrates literacy strands

Building reading and writing reciprocity—making connections between strands within one lesson

Supports writing development

Learning, practicing, and refining the skills needed for early writing experiences

Support content-area learning

Integrating domain-specific vocabulary, writing, text, history, science, social studies and math

Strengthens vocabulary acquisition and use, including academic vocabulary

Determining meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases

Students demonstrate independence

Delivering explicit instruction/directions for teaching routines, procedures and expectations