Comprehensive Services for Your Needs

Step Up to Writing® can be implemented as a comprehensive core writing program or as a supplement to your existing language arts program. In either model, initial training and ongoing support ensures that you maximize the investment you’ve made in our one-of-a-kind writing solution. Voyager Sopris Learning offers a comprehensive suite of training, coaching, and implementation support to ensure teachers deliver Step Up to Writing to maximum effect.

Flexible In-person and Online Options

Training needs, available resources, and learning styles vary widely. Effective writing instruction is among the most challenging aspects of literacy instruction. Professional support throughout the lifespan of an implementation is essential. Voyager Sopris Learning understands the complexities and offers a range of face-to-face and online experiences to meet the specific needs of your implementation.

Initial TrainingFace-to-Face1 Day Contact Us
Online, via an integrated Learning Platform 6 hours of self-paced training, with 1-hour Start-Up and Debriefing Webinars as Bookends
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Training of Trainers (TOT) Face-to-Face2 DaysContact Us
Follow-up Training, Site Visits, Coaching, and Customized Training
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Face-to-Face Daily Rate Contact Us
Virtual Support Webinar, Online Meeting, or Conference Call Hourly Rate Contact Us
Professional Support Videos that Model Key Instructional Concepts Online, within the Online Teacher Resources Video clips range from 2-20 minutes Complimentary

Voyager Sopris Learning School Services

Voyager Sopris Learning is committed to a long-term partnership with every district that implements our solutions. Each implementation support plan is individually crafted with school and/or district administrators to meet specific needs, including making explicit connections to state standards and/or the CCSS. Districts can choose from a menu of training and support options including in-person, online, or a combination of both.

Menu of Services

A menu of services is available for districts to customize an ongoing support plan to meet their needs. Implementation support includes but is not limited to:

  • Initial Training
  • Lesson modeling
  • Curriculum review
  • Data analysis
  • Implementation planning
  • Lesson planning and delivery
  • Data and instructional decisions
  • Differentiation coaching
  • Principal/coach meetings
  • Grade-level meetings
  • Deeper connections to standards
  • Side-by-side coaching
  • Classroom visits
  • Assessment support
  • Student grouping
  • Small-group instruction
  • Goal setting/action plans
  • Customization of PD materials
  • Virtual support: webinars,  conference calls, etc.
  • Implementation Troubleshooting

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