One Source to Teach All Aspects of Writing

Step Up to Writing® Fourth Edition creates a common writing language across all grade levels as the skills taught progress within and across the four grade bands. Using a flexible yet comprehensive instructional approach, Step Up to Writing can be implemented as a stand-alone or as a supplement to any core language arts program.

The instructional sequence is designed to support all students in becoming independent writers who write with increasing sophistication.

10 Sections: Building the Foundation, Growing Results

The 10 sections of Step Up to Writing are organized into strategies to introduce writing (sections 1, 2, and 3) and strategies to teach the text types and purposes of writing (sections 4–10).

Introduce writing by starting with the strategies in sections 1, 2, and 3 and continue to incorporate them as needed when teaching each text type.

1. Writing to Improve Reading Comprehension

2. Foundational Writing Skills

3. Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

Assess student abilities when deciding in which order to teach the text types.

4. Informative/Explanatory Writing

5. Opinion/Argument Writing

6. Narrative Writing

7. Research Reports

8. Speaking and Listening

9. Writing for Assessments

10. Writing in Content Areas

Strategies and Step-by-Step Instruction for Each Component of Writing

Step Up to Writing helps students at any grade level understand the importance of every step of the writing process. Beginning writers explicitly learn and practice each phase of the writing process. As students become more advanced writers, they move back and forth between the phases, and the process becomes more fluid and automatic.

SUTW Writing Components

SUTW Writing Component

SUTW Writing Component

SUTW Writing Component

Transitioning from Opinion to Argument Writing in Middle School

The transition from Opinion to Argument Writing in middle school can be challenging for teachers and students. Step Up to Writing Fourth Edition provides specific strategies to ensure students advance toward proficient Argument Writing.

Watch this video to see how students at John Williams School No. 5 in Rochester, NY, are learning how to achieve effective Argument Writing.

Meet the All Write Club characters for Step Up to Writing Grades K-2

Emerging writers in K–2 become active members of the All Write Club and connect to the traits of good writing; Organization; Ideas and Content; Language and Style; and Capitals, Understanding, Punctuation, and Spelling (CUPS).

BZ Beaver

BZ Beaver


My name is B.Z., and that’s the truth.
I’m a beaver. You can tell by my tooth.
Organizing writing is my game.
Follow me and do the same.

Neema Gecko

Neema Gecko

Ideas and Content

My name is Neema. I’m a gecko, you see.
I’m full of ideas, and I know you’ll agree.
Ideas make writing special and great.
Together let’s see what we can create!

Finn Puffin

Finn Puffin

Language and Style

My name is Finn Puffin, and I’m a bird.
I always look for the perfect word.
I move and change words till the style is right.
Let’s learn about style and start to write!

Jenny Ant

Jenny Ant

Capitals, Understanding, Punctuation, and Spelling (CUPS)

My name is Jenny. I’m an ant, you see.
Mistakes in writing never get past me!
I take ant walks and check every letter.
Together we’ll make our writing better!

Implementation Options: Ultimate Flexibility

With Step Up to Writing, educators have two main options for implementation:

Select any of the strategies and implement in any order to support core curriculum.

  • The Table of Contents is organized by major topics to help teachers easily find the strategy they would like to use
  • The online resource site provides a CCSS and TEKS finder that allows teachers to locate grade-level-specific Step Up to Writing strategies based on the standards they are teaching

Utilize the new Unit Maps to teach strategies in sequence to meet specific writing standards. Teachers have the option to teach a single unit or use the year-long sequence.

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