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Step Up to Writing® assessments are designed to help teachers collect data and make informed instructional decisions to meet the needs of every student.

New to Step Up to Writing  Fourth Edition:

  • Grade-level benchmark assessments
  • Assessments that mirror the performance tasks of the PARCC, Smarter Balanced, and other high-stakes assessments
  • Scoring Guides and data-tracking tools that are aligned with more rigorous writing expectations

Formal Assessment Structure

Step Up to Writing assessments provide essential practice in the types of tasks, including performance tasks, that students see on the PARCC, Smarter Balanced, or other high-stakes assessments. View Formal Assessment Structure.

Tools to Interpret and Track Data

Step Up to Writing assessments ask students to evaluate information graphics and authentic texts from multiple sources that provide varying points of views in order to understand author purpose and master the components of each writing type.

Assessment tasks mirror those students encounter on high-stakes tests

The Digital Data Tracker enables teachers to enter assessment data for all students. The tracker automatically calculates class averages in each category of writing and will provide statistics on the number of students who are Advanced/Proficient/Basic/Below Basic/No Credit. Individual student data can also be viewed and printed for progress reports and meetings with students and parents.

SUTW Assessments

Assessing Beginning Skill Levels and Skill Mastery

Baseline and summative assessments measure progress over time and provide data to plan instruction appropriate to students' needs and abilities.

Responsive Teaching

Data-tracking and progress-monitoring tools help teachers pinpoint areas of strength and concern to support teachers in adapting instruction. Recommendations for differentiation are provided throughout Step Up to Writing.