REWARDS Components and Samples

Take a Closer Look at the REWARDS Family

The REWARDS® family of reading and writing intervention materials is specifically designed for adolescent struggling learners in grades 4–12. Components include:

The components of the REWARDS program address the needs of older at-risk readers with quick results. My students reported that, after the program, they could read things they never could read before, their confidence increased, and they started reading for pleasure.
– Vonnie DiCecco, Former Education Specialist
California Department of Education

REWARDS Multisyllabic Word Reading: Intermediate and Secondary

REWARDS® Intermediate and Secondary introduce students to a unique multisyllabic word reading strategy. This strategy, developed by Dr. Anita Archer, has been proven effective in helping students:

  • Break words into manageable, decodable chunks
  • Read long words in content-area textbooks
  • Read accurately, quickly and with confidence
  • Increase oral and silent reading fluency
  • Improve comprehension as decoding and fluency increase

REWARDS Intermediate

  • For students in grades 4-6 reading at 2.5 or above
  • 25 lessons; 50-60 minutes per lesson
  • Setting: supplement or intervention, summer school, after school

REWARDS Secondary

  • For students in grades 6+ reading at 2.5 or above
  • 20 lessons; 50-60 minutes per lesson
  • Setting: supplement or intervention, summer school, after school

New to REWARDS Intermediate and Secondary

  • Common Core State Standards alignment
  • Meanings of prefixes and suffixes
  • Expanded instruction on academic and content-area vocabulary, enhanced with visual displays
  • Text-dependent comprehension questions
  • An updated lesson format that supports ease of instruction
  • Notations on explicit instruction procedures
  • Progress-monitoring assessments
  • Digital tools and resources

The REWARDS Strategy: A Closer Look

What is the REWARDS strategy? It begins as an overt set of steps, then moves to a more natural, automatic process. The steps are:

  1. Circle the prefixes
  2. Circle the suffixes
  3. Underline the vowels
  4. Say the parts of the word.
  5. Say the whole word.
  6. Make it into a real word.

REWARDS Plus: Strategies Applied to Social Studies and Science Passages

REWARDS® Plus builds on students’ familiarity with the REWARDSstrategies and engages them in applying the strategies to authentic content-area materials. The program deepens reading comprehension, increases fluency, introduces content-specific vocabulary, and builds expository writing skills. The ultimate goal of REWARDS Plus is to develop students’ capacity to successfully read social studies and science texts.

  • For students in grades 6-12
  • 6 review lessons; 45-50 minutes per lesson
  • 15 application lessons; 3-4 instructional periods (45-50 minutes per instructional period)
  • Setting: supplement or intervention, summer school, after school
  • Prerequisite: it is preferred that students who enter REWARDS Plus have already been throughREWARDS

REWARDS Plus Content and Skills

REWARDS Plus Social Studies

  • Designed to increase understanding of social studies content
  • Topics range from Greek theater to Kanji (Japanese written characters) to the mysteries of Easter Island
  • Skill practice includes summary writing, using background information, and interpreting timelines and map

REWARDS Plus Science

  • Designed to increase understanding of science content
  • Science topics include atoms, ecosystems, photosynthesis, and the cardiovascular system
  • Skill practice and instruction include interpreting graphs and illustrations

REWARDS Plus: Before, During, and After Reading

Beyond fluency and vocabulary, REWARDS Plus lessons move into comprehension. Each lesson is built around a captivating social studies or science article and structured in the following way:

  • Study unknown words prior to reading
  • Learn the meanings of domain-specific words before reading
  • Preview passages by examining key text elements, including titles and headings
  • Build background knowledge
  • Cite text evidence to respond to comprehension questions
  • Integrate visual information, such as timelines and diagrams, to better understand text
  • Re-read authentic content-area texts
  • Determine main ideas, details, and supporting evidence
  • Compose summaries of reading
  • Respond to multiple-choice and short-response requests
  • Compose paragraph and multiparagraph responses
  • Re-read and discuss text

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REWARDS Writing: Sentence Refinement

REWARDS® Writing: Sentence Refinement teaches essential writing skills that can be applied in all content areas. The program consists of 75 teacher-directed lessons, which provide the framework for introducing, teaching, practicing, and giving feedback. Each 20- to 30-minute lesson follows the same instructional routine, allowing students and teachers to concentrate on three strands:REWARDS Sentence Refinement

  • Sharpening Word Choice—Students learn to find alternatives to common, overused words as they practice selecting precise nouns, active verbs, and meaningful adjectives
  • Polishing Sentences—Students learn to expand ideas to increase sentence quality and clarity, then learn to combine ideas to increase complexity and variety
  • Editing Paragraphs—Students learn systematic editing strategies that help them gauge paragraph effectiveness and make improvements by combining ideas, removing unnecessary words, and adding critical details

REWARDS Writing: Sentence Refinement

  • For students in grades 5-12
  • 75 lessons; 20-30 minutes per lesson
  • Setting: supplement or intervention, summer school, after school