REWARDS Proven to Impact Student Success

Efficacy Studies

The REWARDS family of products has been rigorously tested to ensure effectiveness. The graphics below show the significant impact REWARDS has had on students’ fluency rates.

Rewards Graphs

Source: Anita L. Archer et al. Forthcoming. Instructional strategies for teaching struggling fourth and fifth grade students to read long words.

Independent Reviews

The Florida Center for Reading Research, one of the most trusted sources of independent program reviews, has given favorable reviews to both REWARDS and REWARDS Plus. Click on the links below for the full reports.

Research Base

The REWARDS approach is based on firm research—it is both research-based and research-validated. Every instructional activity has a sound research foundation and evidence to support its effectiveness.

Our high school teachers are amazed and joyous over the progress our students are making. We put some 6th grade readers in the program and they jumped to 8th grade readability!
– Debra Berlin,
Secondary Reading Coordinator
Broward County School District