Sharpens Reading and Writing Skills and Supports all Core Curricula!

The REWARDS® family of reading and writing intervention materials is specifically designed for adolescent struggling learners. Educators nationwide have embraced REWARDS as a powerful short-term intervention that results in long-term literacy achievement. The program supports any core curriculum and offers flexible implementation options. The REWARDS Program is a research-based and validated reading and writing program.

The overall goals of the REWARDS family of products are to:

  • Increase students’ fluency, vocabulary knowledge, 
    and comprehension skills
  • Increase student success in content-area classes—specifically science 
    and social studies
  • Provide students practice with the types of questions they are asked 
    on state tests
  • Refine students’ sentence writing abilities and the overall sophistication
    of their writing

Explicit and Systematic

REWARDS includes ample supports for teachers. Before every lesson the teacher knows the materials needed and the preparation that needs to be done. During the lesson, the lesson plan provides recommended scripts that teachers can use to provide the instruction. The instruction follows the "I do," "we do," "you do" model:

  • "I do": Teacher modeling specific skill or concept
  • "We do": Teacher and students practice skill/concept together (guided practice)
  • "You do": Students practice independently

Middle school students learn and use strategies for breaking down multisyllabic words. See the full story.

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New REWARDS Plus Social Studies REWARDS Plus: Social Studies, 3rd Edition

With a focus on close reading of informational text, critical thinking, extended response items, and academic vocabulary, REWARDS® Plus’ research-validated instructional approach ensures sustained growth in fluency, comprehension, and academic vocabulary.

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