REWARDS Assessments

Each REWARDS® component includes solid assessment to both pre- and post-test students as well as to provide consistent progress monitoring.

REWARDS Intermediate and Secondary Assessment includes:REWARDS Intermediate and Secondary

  • Pretest/Posttest of Word Recognition/Decoding (Intermediate only) includes words that are taught in the program and measures progress when administered after the program.
  • Pretest/Posttest Fluency assessment includes passages that have not been used during the program and is administered before and after the program to establish baseline and show student growth
  • Ongoing progress monitoring assessments occur frequently during the intervention—student progress is tracked on a fluency chart.

REWARDS Plus Science and Social Studies Assessment includes:

  • Pretest/Posttest Fluency and Writing assessment measures student skills before and after the intervention
  • Fluency Graph is used throughout the intervention as an ongoing progress monitoring tool to track student growth

REWARDS Writing Assessment includes:

  • Posttest assessment to measure students’ word choice, sentence combining, and editing skills (can also be given prior to intervention to establish a baseline)