Passport Reading Journeys eBook

Sustained Results Across the Years

The following data are from a system-wide analysis of students receiving PRJ instruction during a six-year cohort period (2006–07 through 2011–12). This analysis included students from 42 states and 337 districts in grades 6–9. With this amount of Lexile growth, students are increasing their academic vocabulary, reading increasingly complex texts, and increasing domain knowledge.

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Passport Reading Journeys’ Effectiveness with Ninth Grade Students Identified for Reading Improvement Instruction in Dallas (TX)

In a three-year analysis revealed that the 2007-08 school year saw significantly higher growth for students using Passport Reading Journeys, particularly those for whom there is the most concern – Hispanic and African American, limited English proficient, and low SES.

The Lexile Framework Benchmark Map

A standard Lexile map matching text level to appropriate literature titles, reading benchmarks, textbooks, and standardized tests.

A Summary of the Effectiveness of Voyager Reading Solutions

A compendium of reports on performance gains of districts and schools across the country using Voyager reading solutions.

Evaluation of Passport Reading Journeys II Students at W.T. White High School (Dallas, TX)

The report highlights the academic growth of W.T. White’s Reading Improvement students participating in the Passport Reading Journeys program during the 2006-07 school year.

Passport Reading Journeys Benchmark Assessments: Development and Technical Guide – Edition 4

This technical guide provides users with a broad research foundation essential for deciding if and how the benchmark assessments should be used and what kinds of inferences about readers are appropriate.