Passport Reading Journeys eBook

Robust Data Management and Reporting

PRJ’s online data-management system helps administrators and teachers use data to inform ongoing decision making and teaching strategies so that every student learns to read fluently and with comprehension. The data-management system is accessed through the Teacher Center, where teachers assign benchmark tests and high-stakes assessment practice and quickly monitor students’ progress to adjust and differentiate instruction.
• Enter assessment scores and access student data online
• Monitor student growth in reading proficiency
• Compare student data against a trajectory of desired learning
• Make instructional decisions and adjustments
• Support discussions with parents about reading development
• Access support materials for classroom instruction  

Embedded Multistage Assessment

PRJ’s embedded multistage assessment system enables teachers to quickly identify struggling readers; intervene with specific, targeted instruction; and monitor progress. The built-in benchmark and progress monitoring assessments allow teachers to easily track student reading levels and adjust instruction where necessary.


Prepare Students for High-Stakes Assessments

Power Pass provides practice reading text and answering questions in a high-stakes, online format. Teachers can assign 12 passages and corresponding questions throughout the implementation of Passport Reading Journeys.

• Text-based, two-part multiple-choice questions and short-answer prompts make up each Power Pass quiz
• Accessible through any device once assigned by the teacher
• Multiple-choice answers are scored by the system, and immediate feedback is provided
• Short-answer questions are graded online by the teacher using a predetermined scoring rubric; students
have access to the rubric to understand scoring criteria
• Passage selections include literary and informational text and the genres required for most
high-stakes assessments
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