Training & Support for LANGUAGE! Live

LANGUAGE! Live Implementation Guidelines

Significant literacy delays require intensive instruction to accelerate learning and close the gap. Adequate time for instruction is crucial.

  • The blended approach of LANGUAGE!® Live lessons are designed for a 90 - minute instructional block each day
  • Flexible schedules and additional classroom configurations are available
  • Instruction is balanced between both Word Training and Text Training
  • 1:1 student to computer ratio is recommended. Guidelines are available for other scenarios

LANGUAGE Live Online TrainingOne hour of online facilitated training is now included with the purchase of LANGUAGE! Live

Service Packages for LANGUAGE! Live

Service Packages

Half Day
1-2 Day Package
3-9 Day Package
10-24 Day Package
25+ Day Package

Other Services

Live Webinars/Virtual Support (unlimited attendees)
Customized Services/Development
Launch Training via Webinar (6 hours)
Public TOT (must meet pre-requisite criteria)
Private TOT (must meet pre-requisite criteria)

This program is life-changing, and it's going to impact the quality of people's lives, which is generational." It impacts that child and then their children...and then their children. They can have the lives that they deserve.

—Antavia Hamilton-Ochs
Bartlett High School in Anchorage, Alaska

Voyager Sopris Learning Support Services

Voyager Sopris Learning™ is committed to a long-term partnership with every district that implements our solutions. Each implementation support plan is individually crafted with school and/or district administrators to meet specific needs, including making explicit connections to state standards and/or the CCSS. Districts can choose from a menu of training and support options including in-person, online, or a combination of both.

Complimentary Services

  • Phone and e-mail support 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST Monday through Friday
  • Voyager Sopris Learning Webinar Series with cutting-edge research and instructional topics from the nation’s leading educators and researchers

Ongoing Support

A menu of services is available for districts to customize an ongoing support plan to meet their needs. Implementation support includes but is not limited to:

  • Lesson modeling
  • Curriculum review
  • Data analysis
  • Implementation planning
  • Lesson planning and delivery
  • Data and instructional decisions
  • Differentiation coaching
  • Principal/coach meetings
  • Grade-level meetings
  • Side-by-side coaching
  • Classroom visits
  • VPORT coaching
  • Assessment support
  • Student grouping
  • Small-group instruction
  • Goal setting/action plans
  • Customization of PD materials
  • Virtual support: webinars,  conference calls, etc.

Learn More About Support Services

Antavia Hamilton-Ochs, an English teacher at Bartlett High School in Anchorage, Alaska, describes her experience working with Voyager Sopris Learning Implementation and Support Services and the real impact it has on students and teachers. Watch More Success Stories.

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