Jane Fell Greene, Ph.D.

Jane Fell Greene, Ed.D.  has been at the forefront of the nation's literacy movement for more than 25 years. She serves as academic dean at the National Institute for Continuing Education and on the board of directors of the International Dyslexia Association.  Author of the research-based LANGUAGE! literacy intervention, Dr. Greene frequently addresses national and international conferences and serves as a literacy consultant to schools nationwide. Over the past 20 years, she has refined the Language! curriculum based on teacher input and student results. Aligning to the Common Core and other state standards, LANGUAGE! helps large, small, urban and rural districts achieve significant gains in reading.

Dr. Greene is also the author of Bridges to Literature, a series for students functioning one to two years below grade level.  An Indiana native who lives in Florida, she chairs the National Council of LANGUAGE! trainers, which provides professional development courses for teachers, therapists, and speech/language pathologists in schools and districts across the U.S.  Dr. Greene continues to develop and refine effective materials and methods to hone the reading, writing, and spelling skills of struggling students. She earned her bachelor’s from Purdue University and her doctorate from New Orleans University.

Programs by Author

LANGUAGE! 4th Edition
Integrates reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and spoken English, rapidly advancing students  who score below the 40th percentile on standardized…