DIBELS Next Technology

Time-Saving Technology: VPORT Online Scoring
and Data Management System

DIBELS Next now offers a complete online data-management and scoring system: VPORT ® . VPORT has been an integral part of school and district assessment plans for millions of students for more than 10 years. All six DIBELS Next measures are supported by this system for both Benchmark and Progress Monitoring. This system streamlines the assessment process, supports seamless data collection and analysis, and increases accuracy of scoring.

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Benchmark Assessment/Universal Screening

  • Easy navigation
  • User support tools
  • Customer support team

Intuitive Online Scoring for all Six Assessments

DIBELS Next Scoring
  • Paperless administration —no more scoring booklets, no more paper pencil administration
  • Automatic data upload —no manual entry, no need to perform complex scoring formulas…VPORT does it for you!
  • Immediate reports —no delay in receiving reports
  • Daze can be taken online directly by students

Automatic Data Upload—Immediate Reports!

VPORT Online Scoring and Management
  • Captures and organizes student data immediately and accurately
  • Identifies students who need intervention support
  • Tracks student progress toward goal
  • Tracks individual, class, school, and district progress over time
  • Provides easy-to-understand color-coded reports
  • Saves teachers and administrators time
  • Offers reports in multiple formats to simplify data interpretation and management

DIBELS Next VPORT is designed to take advantage of the technology resources a district already has—PCs, Macs, or laptops with diagonal size screens 11 inches or more. VPORT works in a Web Browser (IE, Firefox, Safari) with an Adobe Flash 10-capable computer. VPORT DIBELS Next cannot be used on any of the following: digital pens, PDAs, pocket PCs, tablet PCs, mobile phones, mobile internet devices.