DIBELS Next Assessment Details

DIBELS Next: Quick, Efficient Measures of Reading

DIBELS Next comprises six powerful measures of foundational early literacy skills. Designed to be easy and efficient to administer, score, and interpret, DIBELS Next comprises two types of assessments:

Benchmark Assessment ​/
Universal Screening

DIBELS Next Benchmark Assessment
  • Administered three times per year
  • Assessments are grade-level assessments
  • Color-coded by grade
  • Click here (PDF, 119 KB) to see the Benchmark schedule
  • Quick to Administer, click here (PDF, 125 KB) for assessment times

Progress Monitoring Assessment

DIBELS Next Progress Monitoring Assessment
  • Informs instruction
  • 20 alternate assessments for first five measures; 10 alternate assessments for Daze
  • Organized by level to meet students at their instructional level (not necessarily grade level)
  • Organized by strand to target specific competencies

The Six Measures

DIBELS Next comprises six measures that are designed to be indicators of basic early literacy skills. These indicators measure key components that are representative of particular skill areas. The measures include:

Alignment with Basic Early Literacy Skills

Time-Saving Technology: VPORT Online Scoring and Data Management System

VPORT Online Scoring and Management

DIBELS Next now offers a complete online data-management and scoring system: VPORT ®. VPORT has been an integral part of school and district assessment plans for millions of students for more than 10 years. All six DIBELS Next measures are supported by this system for both Benchmark and progress monitoring. This system streamlines the assessment process, supports seamless data collection and analysis, and increases accuracy of scoring. Learn More

DIBELS Next: Critical Component of RtI

DIBELS Next is the ideal solution for universal screening and progress monitoring to support multitiered instructional models, such as RtI. The following diagram shows how DIBELS indicators support this model:


All-New Release: How Has DIBELS Next Changed?

DIBELS Next has retained the best of DIBELS , but has been updated to increase ease of use, accuracy of results, technology integration, and to address comprehension more thoroughly. Key enhancements include:

  • All-New comprehension measure for grades 3-6— DIBELS Daze
  • All-New First Sound Fluency Measure—replaces Initial Sound Fluency
  • All-New passages for Oral Reading Fluency measure
  • All-New web-based data management and online scoring
  • All-New directions, revised scoring rules, easy-to-implement design—with color

Click here (PDF, 518 KB) for a complete comparison between DIBELS Next and DIBELS 6 th Edition.