DIBELS® Next Survey

Authors: Kelly A. Powell-Smith, Roland H. Good, III, Ruth A. Kaminski, Joshua Wallin
Grades: 1-6

DIBELS Next Survey

DIBELS Next Survey Pinpoints Level of Progress Monitoring

Based on DIBELS Next Benchmark Assessment scores, some students may require off-grade-level progress monitoring to most accurately measure growth. Because these students may have below grade-level reading skills, determining the appropriate level to progress monitor is critical— Survey is an advanced assessment, administered to students who have not reached benchmark goals. Survey :

  • Ensures no time is wasted by progress monitoring too high or too low
  • Accurately identifies the level of materials needed for progress monitoring
  • Supports teachers in selecting intervention materials at the right level

Brief “Testing Back” Case Study:

A fourth grade student performs below expectations for his/her grade level. Survey will help determine how he performs relative to expectations at lower grade levels. This information will identify his/her instructional level—making the selection of interventions and level of progress monitoring as accurate as possible.

Product Snapshot

The decision to conduct DIBELS Next Survey may be based upon a student’s DIBELS Next composite score and/or performance on individual DIBELS Next measures. Survey assessments:

  • Take 5-20 minutes per student to administer
  • Includes four DIBELS Next Measures:
    - First Sound Fluency (FSF)
    - Phoneme Segmentation Fluency (PSF)
    - Nonsense Word Fluency (NWF)
    - DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency (DORF)
  • Include materials that are similar to DIBELS Next—a manual, a flipbook with assessor directions and student materials, and scoring booklets

The Survey Manual includes additional professional support tools including detailed case studies, explicit guidance on setting goals based on student performance, and determining when to increase level of progress monitoring.